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A skincare revolution

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Now, what's in the syringe, is in the bottle.

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Anti Wrinkle

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Address ageing concerns with clinically proven, dermo-restructuring formulations designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Best sellers

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Explore Teoxane Cosmeceuticals more acclaimed skincare.

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Blemishes & Pores

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Battle breakouts using internationally renowned ingredients, proven to treat and help to prevent blemishes.

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Day Care

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Prepare your skin to fight against daily urban aggressors by protecting and hydrating.

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Evening Care

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Overnight skin cell renewal is essential to a good skincare regime. Allow your skin to regenerate while you sleep for a healthier and more hydrated complexion by morning.

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Home page

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Pigmentation & Dull Complexion

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Block pigment production and increase skin cell renewal, leading to a brighter and more unified complexion.

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Pre & Post Procedure

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Teoxane Cosmeceuticals are used by practitioners world-wide to prepare for and maintain treatment results.

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Skin Hydration

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Teoxane Cosmeceuticals patented RHA technology provides optimal hydration to strengthen, protect and plump the skin.

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Summer Skincare

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Protection and hydration are essential during the summer months to keep skin looking and feeling it’s best. Protect, hydrate and repair with advanced ingredients.

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Allow your skin to indulge in a treatment regime for optimal results.

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